Talent management is a talent

It is now clearer than ever before to organizations’ managements that if there is one really important factor that separates an extraordinary organization from an ordinary one; it is in talent management. Employees are an organization’s biggest asset, and the ultimate asset for an organization is the employee with talent.

Talent management –what is it?

All of us have some or another talent at various phases of our lives. When any of us nurtures our talent and grow with it and make it the core of our careers; it means we have a talent at doing things that our careers demand of us. So, talent is the potential or flair for doing things well and consistently excelling at it. This is the most important quality an organization looks for, because people grow to their best and give in their best when they are allowed to use their innate talent in doing this.

This is why talent management is the new age mantra. Organizations have come round to the realization that nothing helps them grow better –not technology, not process or any system –as much as employees’ talents. When employees have the ability to do things differently over time, the business is made.

How does an organization recognize and handle talent management?

One difficulty organizations face with talent management is that talent is often difficult to spot. Generally, it is true that the extrovert gets noticed more easily and is thus easier to identify. But what if the really introverted employee has loads of talent, which the organization’s HR or management will not be able to discover all that easily? This is one of the first challenges of talent management. This is why HR has to be consistently on the lookout for talent. If it fails to recognize talent in the organization; it will have done the organization a big disservice.

Nurturing it

The next big thing for talent management is to grow it and take it to a point where the organization grows, and to retain this talent for a long time, for the organization’s good. There is no use of talent that lies hidden in some corner of the organization and is not even known about. HR has to not only spot talent; it has to collaborate with management to ensure that this is exploited (this word is used in the positive sense here, of course!) for the organization’s good.

The onus of talent management thus lies to a vast extent on HR. The way it spots talent and takes it to its logical outcome is an indicator of its own talent.

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