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Streamlining is crucial to workforce management

Workforce management is about time, attendance, and absence. Managing these is very important for HR, because it is important to keep the workforce aspects such as clocking and other elements in place. It is important to keep these streamlined, because that is when HR has a clear idea about things like leave, productivity, time off and others.

How to understand Workforce Management?

HR has its task cut out when it comes to workforce management. Its work at workforce management starts as soon as the organization’s team has been put in place. Whoever has been hired has to be monitored for things like time, attendance and absence from work. It should ideally consist of these functionalities:

  • Work or task scheduling
  • Tracking individual employee competency
  • Core and peripheral aspects of team management
  • Planning and forecasting of work

The time, attendance, and absence factors of workforce management

Many of today’s workforce management applications come with time, attendance and absence factors. It has real-world recording to not only the number of employees who clock in and out; it also keeps track of some payroll functions, as well. The aim of having such a workforce management application is that it helps to streamline work from not only regular employees but also part-timers and consultants.

So, a workforce management system should ideally have components such as:

  • Work scheduling
  • Log and analysis of demand planning, which helps to forecast
  • Payroll, which helps in budgeting
  • Tracking of employees’ competency, which helps analyze skillsets
  • Analysis of skill gaps, which help in professional development and training
  • System for recognition and rewards
  • Labor and time management, which helps pay for consultants and part-timers


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