Leadership vs. management

The term “leadership management” is a bit of a misnomer and slightly paradoxical, because for quite a few years now; experts have described clear differences between the two. In delineating the two, sufficient reams of paper have been exhausted. Yet; this is a question anyone in the corporate world keeps encountering: if there is a difference between leadership and management; is there such a thing as leadership management?

Sharp differences

First, a brief understanding of the differences between leadership and management is necessary. We could understand the differences in the following:

  • The leader leads, while the manager is led;
  • The leader acts intuitively, while the manager goes by the book;
  • While the leader innovates and thinks of the “Big Picture”; the manager administers set policies and guidelines;
  • The leader works essentially with people, while the manager is concerned with structures and systems. This is considered the most important difference between the leader and the manager.

Yet, although in theory, a leader may seem to tower above the manager both in terms of her qualities and in the discharge of her duties; organizations need a mix of both. This is why leadership management is of primary importance to organizations.

If leadership is considered more important and bigger than management, what should be understood of the term, “leadership management”?

Managing leadership

It would appear that there is something like management of leadership. Although seemingly complicated; it is the ability of the organization to manage the leadership. Leadership, like all other talents, needs to be nurtured and honed properly if it is going to become useful. There are instances of many talented individuals who have had the leadership ability, but due to lack of the right scope for using it, have lost their way. In this sense, we could understand leadership management as something that organizations need to inculcate for getting the best out of its leadership.







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