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Imbibe a workplace culture

One of the strongest indicators of an organization is its workplace culture.  It is one of the definers of what the organization stands for, both in business and outside it. Workplace culture is akin to family culture, in that just as people outside the family recognize it by its culture; organizations too, get reflected by it.

Understanding workplace culture

So, what is workplace culture? It may be defined as a unique set of values, outlooks and characteristics that stand out in the workplace. Organizational ethos is best reflected in its workplace culture, because it is through this trait that the world sees the organization. It is the most visible face of the organization.

Set of behaviors and outlooks

Workplace culture is reflected in how the organization behaves with its employees, and how they in turn work towards it. In many organizations, many managers who have otherwise been very efficient and of high standards have not got along well with the organization because they have not gelled with the workplace culture.

What should the workplace culture show?

The organization’s workplace culture becomes apparent from the way the employees are made to feel comfortable or otherwise. The ideal workplace culture is one in which employees feel at ease and don’t feel stifled. The workplace culture should foster free exchange of ideas between the top brass and the employees. This facilitates a free flow and exchange of ideas between employees, leading to improved productivity and a friendlier workplace.

Reflection of organizational values

More than anything else, workplace culture should be one in which employees feel like associating with and staying connected with the management. An organization that brings about free flow of ideas and practices nondiscrimination, honors its commitments to employees, is collaborative with its employees, recognizes and rewards good employees and takes genuine interest in the employees’ wellbeing and growth is bound to have a sound workplace culture. A workplace culture is built on the belief that happy and contented employees are naturally productive.


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