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Retaining your best employees

Make no mistake: how to retain your best employees is one of the toughest challenges for any organization. If finding the best people is one big challenge; keeping them is a bigger one. But when the organization does not know how to retain its best employees, it is certainly a reflection of its weakness.

Key factors

HR or management has to understand key factors that make employees remain with the organization for which they work. Pay is a factor, but certainly not the most important one. With most good employees, the most important reason for working for a company is the recognition, appreciation and freedom associated with their position. HR and management have to find out the reasons for which the best employees work in the organization: what they value in the organization, what they don’t like, what they expect and so on. How to retain the best employees is often a function of these factors.

Understand their needs

First and foremost, HR and management need to understand and create the right environment for helping employees to grow in the organization. The best employees are usually fired by challenge. They want to experiment with new things and try out lots of ideas. If they find that the organization is not providing them, it is certain that the organization will have lost an important factor in how to retain the best employees.

What is freedom?

HR has to understand that freedom means different things to different people. For some, it is about being given the opportunity to fly high. For others, it could be being allowed to work from home. For some others, freedom could consist of being asked to work in flexible working hours.

Of course, giving unbridled freedom has its flip side; too, since fueling an overambitious employee’s challenging nature can sometimes be expensive. It has to be pragmatic and judicious in selecting person for the right challenging assignments if it has to understand how to retain its best employees.

Create the right environment

Many a time, good people leave organizations for the bad work environment. Some people don’t like the politics at office; others may not like being bossed, and yet others may be averse to domineering from above. HR plays a vital role in how to retain the best employees if it goes to the root of the matter. It has to create the right, positive environment at work, something that will take effort and time.







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