Give respect, earn respect

The wise say that life is like entering a room that echoes. Once inside the room, shout a bad word; it repeats after you. If you shout a sweet word; it throws back the same at you! The same holds for respect. The more you respect someone, the more you get back of the same thing. So, how to demonstrate respect at work is dependent on what you want to expect from people in return.

Respect is reflective

It is a simple, but important fact of life that the more one respects others, the more she gets of the same in return. It is always true that a courteous and polite person is more likely to be respected at work than one who is foul-mouthing others and is abusive and loud. There are some ways by which one can show how to demonstrate respect at work.

Respect for a manager

A manager can show how to demonstrate respect at work by being understanding and supportive of her team. A manager who knows her team’s strengths and works in collaboration with them facilitates a conducive and amiable environment. This is a natural prescription for earning respect. Respect is never demanded or commanded; it is always earned. It goes without saying that a manager who earns the respect of her team is the manager of a very productive team.

Respect for the employee

If this is one of the ways of how to demonstrate respect at work; the employees who report to the manager have ways of showing it, too. They can be polite, punctual, professional and efficient. When do people demonstrate all these qualities? Only when they are respected; which is when they too respect their manager, in turn. Earning and giving respect is thus never one-sided. It is mutual, reciprocal and complimentary.

One may invent false ways of how to demonstrate respect at work; but this is never going to work in the long run. True and sincere respect from peers at work is always done out of one’s own volition, and is what may be termed as something that comes from the heart. It is only when this happens that there will be true meaning in how to demonstrate respect at work.



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