Employee motivation – the core of successful organizations

Ah, employee motivation! This should be the most important element in an organization’s growth. It is a well-known fact that employees are an organization’s greatest strength, and nothing takes the organization faster up the growth path than its motivated employees.

Motivating employees should thus be seen as the number one priority for an organization, because it is only when there is employee motivation that the organization is able to perform and be ahead of the competition. Indeed, there is no greater mantra for organizational growth than employee motivation.

What motivates employees?

How does employee motivation come about? This is a purely individual and personal point, because just like ambition, motivation is different from one person to another. What motivates some employees may not motivate others. Employee motivation is thus something that has to be tackled at the root, since each individual is unique. Managers and HR thus have to devise many ways by which they can motivate employees.

Work is the greatest motivator

Love of one’s work is perhaps the number one motivator. It is simple common sense that the more the employee loves the work she is doing; the more she is going to excel at it. Creating the job an employee loves doing is management’s first challenge. HR is no small partner in creating this, because it would have assessed the employee from the time of the interview, and it knows best what is suited for the employee’s flair, aptitude and temperament.

Pay as a motivator

Yes, pay can be a major factor in employee motivation.  Who likes to work for free or a low pay? Everyone needs money; so, it is generally, although not necessarily true that money can be a motivator for work.

Other factors

Apart from love of the work and the pay one gets for doing one’s job, there are other factors. One of the most basic human needs is recognition. When one gets the right pat on the back for a job well done, there is a great sense of employee motivation created. Of course, if management has to recognize good work, it has to keep a few factors in mind. This recognition can be in any form –a good word in front of other employees, an unannounced pay hike, or a perk in the form of a prize or reward. During all this, the management has to be sincere and objective. It should never be given as a form of appeasement or out of favoritism or to someone else to belittle the work of the worker whom the management knows has performed better.

Employee motivation can also come in the form of giving the employee that specific item or facility she is looking for. Work from home for mothers could be one of these. Employee motivation thus has to factor in many points. The main point is that it should act as a tonic for stimulating performance from employees.




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