Installing an absence management software helps to streamline attendance

Absence management is one of the many functions of HR. All organizations have leave policies, and many employees are entitled to different kinds of leaves that they may take for miscellaneous occasions such as children’s admission to educational institutions, sickness in the family, and so on. If it is the leave record of just employee that needs to be managed; it may not cause much confusion.

Software for managing leave records

However, typically, HR has to keep note of all the leave records of each of the organization’s employees. Many times, they have to deal with hundreds, even thousands of such records. It is for simplifying this work that HR has to install an absence management tool. This helps not only reduce the complexity of such records of all employees; absence management software helps to also streamline all these records, so that HR can spend the major part of their work on core areas. Considering that HR has to handle a vast number of assignments, keeping a manual tab on all the leave records of all the employees is expected to be cumbersome and time-consuming. It is for this reason that an absence management tool is of immense help.

What should the absence management tool consist of?

Ideally, the absence management tool should come with the leave record in full of each employee. It should have items like the total number of leaves an employee takes, along with the type of leave taken, whether it was casual leave, privilege leave, sick leave or whichever. In instances where the employee may have taken leave without notice, it should be able to accommodate and indicate the nature of leave after the employee has come back for work.

Absence management goes higher

If managing the leave records of employees is one aspect of absence management; there is a much deeper element of absence management. This goes beyond physical management of leave records, and concerns the emotional aspect of employees. When HR notices a particular employee taking off for reasons that are not clear and convincing, it would have to analyze the reasons for it.

When employees are looking for better placements, they could be taking off to attend interviews. Another instance is of employees taking leave more frequently and without a solidly identifiable reason. This could point to dwindling interest in the job. HR that is sensitive will be able to determine the reasons for an employee’s consistent absence from work. It will have to report this to management to go to the bottom of the matter. This is absence management at a higher level.



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