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HR has a major role in career development

Career Development should rank as the most important objective of a person’s professional life. After all, what is the point of pursuing a career in which one does not grow? Enhancing oneself professionally through the career development path is the best way to have an enriching and satisfying career.

Career development may be described as cultivation, advancement and refinement of knowledge and skills that a professional needs to grow better in her own profession. Although career development may happen internally, i.e., learning from experiences; that rarely qualifies for career development, because career development has to be formal.

Some of the important means to career development are certifications, academic courses, continuing professional education, and internal trainings.

By making use of these avenues, a professional may be aware of the developments and happenings in the field. Career development is useful in all professions, but more so in technology, since new technologies keep arriving every other day. Professionals have to stay abreast of the latest developments, or else they risk getting left out professionally.

HR has a prominent role

Career development that happens with the organization’s collaboration is a great means to grow, because it reflects the organization’s interest in its employees. HR has a stellar role in aiding this. The professional must choose the right course and medium of instruction. HR can help here, too. They should be on the lookout for courses being offered in their field by relevant accredited bodies. They should also keep their ears and eyes open to institutes that offer certifications and advanced learning.

HR is a major facilitator of these aspects. Career development is a must for every professional. The more proactive HR is in fostering career development; the more positively it will be perceived by the employees.




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