Factors to consider in change management

One of the most important elements of organizations’ management; change management is the systematic transformation from one level to another. Change management could take many forms. It could be about elevating one individual to a particular level to groom for the future of the organization. It could be about transitioning of a group of individuals, or change management could be about bringing changes into the whole organization in a systematic and planned fashion.

The most important criteria for implementing change management are planning and volition. No change management happens haphazardly and in an unplanned manner. Similarly, for change management to come about; there has to be willingness on the part of the management as well as on the people who are going to be transitioned. For change management to be successful, it has to be a well-planned strategy, and should reflect the ability of the management to foresee the future and adapt accordingly.

Why is change management important?

Change management is as crucial for the organization as its business, because if it has to exist and grow in the long run; it has to be sure about where it is headed and has to take steps to get there. Wise and mature business organizations realize that change is the only constant and take steps in anticipation of change. They know that no matter how good the current management is; nothing lasts forever –the organization’s successful position in the market or its people –and realize that the next generation has to come in and take over the reins sooner or later. This is the essence of change management.

Factors to consider for change management

First of all, organizations have to consider when to implement change management. Should it be when the organization is at its zenith? Should it be when its business is slowing down? Should it be when its seniors are getting older and losing their vigor, or should it be when its juniors are hurrying up to take control?

Phasing out the right elements

We saw in the beginning that change management has to be a structured and phased chain of events. So, management has to very carefully handpick the ones they are going to take to the next level. Selection of the right employees is the first important criterion. For this, management has to be very, very objective in its approach. The more it is weighed down by narrow considerations such as nepotism and favoritism, the more detrimental it will be for its change management.

Work out a realistic strategy

It then has to be clear about what its objectives are. Senior and junior management have to collaborate and plan out a strategy. This strategy will have to take the timeframe in which change management is going to be implemented. It will also have to have a clear idea of its expectations from this process. Seen in its entirety, change management is a very desirable action for any organization. It calls for highly finessed handling, for in it lies the future of the organization.


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