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Employment issues

Since a company’s HR deals with recruitment and all the matters affecting employees day in and day out; it is natural for it to come across a host of employment issues. Each organization’s HR has its own unique issues, and it is difficult to point the finger at the most pressing or most urgent of employment issues.

So, when dealing with a broad and general topic such as employment issues; we would have to make a list which is more of a provisional one! As we just saw, employment issues are vast and innumerable and severely prone to change. Roughly, these could be considered to be among the important employment issues for an organization:

Finding and nurturing leadership: a major survey undertaken by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in 2012, entitled Challenges Facing HR Over the Next 10 Years, rated this as the most important among employment issues for HR. This comes as absolutely no surprise, considering that the most important element of a business is the leadership that runs it. The organization that has the best leaders is surely going to be the best from the rest. The cream of a successful organization is its leaders. Finding the right leadership is the most important task for HR. is it any surprise that leadership is the most important of employment issues for HR?

Building organizational culture: this ranks second among employment issues for HR. Once leadership is in place; the most important task for HR is to build a reputation for the organization. Leaders build the organization’s reputation, and this is what the world will recognize the organization for.

Building and ensuring communication: one of the primary tasks for HR is to communicate. It has to make sure that all important communication is sent out to employees, management and everyone that matters. Interpersonal skills play an important role in communication. HR rates this as another of the employment issues.

Accountability: it is easy to understand why this is among the critical employment issues for HR. No work, including that done by HR, is worth its salt if it is carried out without accountability, as it points to arbitrariness and highhandedness. The task for HR is to ensure that there is accountability at every stage and every level.

Rewarding appropriately: rewards are at the core of an organization’s ability to recognize and keep good employees. HR plays a central role in instituting an effective rewards program. There is no doubting this quality as being among the major employment issues for HR.



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