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Why conduct career development programs?

Career development programs are a great way to move up along the career ladder by upgrading one’s skills. When conducted properly, they can go a long way in helping the staff advance in their career path. Career development programs are a means to ensuring that employees at various grades get the necessary skills that are needed for going up further.

Why are they needed?

One central question many people may be tempted into asking is this: if employees are in need of training, why were they selected in the first place? Isn’t an employee selected for the skills she possesses? The answer is to be found in the fact that a candidate may have most of the skills and experience needed for being in the job, but may lack that one vital skill that is going to make her more competent for the job. It is like being 90 percent qualified or skilled; the last 10 percent is fulfilled by the training program. This is the importance of career development programs.

What kinds of programs are needed?

Career development programs are generally focused on giving that finishing or final touch to the employee. The employees could carry closely related skills, but may lack in that one pinpointed aspect that is needed for finessing and refining the skillset. Let us assume some advances take place in the industry or some development or regulation requires adaption of new guidelines into the working area. This is where specialized career development programs help, because they are focused to the point and are tailored to help employees understand that one cog lacking in the wheel.

Parallel skills

Conversely, candidates could also be in need of a few skills that may not form essential part of the job, but could be good add-ons to have in order to improve their working life. A good example of this kind of training is English courses for nonnative speakers. With the prevalence of English becoming stronger with the advent of globalization, many organizations could train up their employees with something like conversational or written English. This type of career development program is aimed at supplementing their profile and making it easy for them to move into the mainstream. Many a time, putting technical or creative skills into better use could be getting inhibited because of lack of supplemental skills. A career development program that is well planned and structured could accomplish the goal of closing this gap.




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