What does a Human Resource Development Manager do?

A Human Resource Development (HRD) Manager can be described as the person who heads the HR department of the organization. The HR interacts with the organization and acts as its facilitator, but it needs to be organized and has to allocate work among its department and coordinate. Ensuring this is one of the HRD manager’s primary tasks. In addition, the HRD manager performs other tasks, some of which are as below:

Assessing the role and effectiveness of HR department on the organization

Just as a marketing manager does marketing and also allocates tasks and responsibilities to the team that he heads; the HRD manager not only performs higher-level HR functions, but also manages the HR team. The role of the HRD manager has to be seen as one that supervises and directs the HR team.

The HRD manager allocates work to those in the team and ensures its effective implementation on time. The HRD manager is like any other manager in that he has to be aware of his team member’s strengths and weaknesses. He has to know what to allocate to which member of the team and know what to do if the team members are not carrying out their allocated work.

Training and learning for HR staff

Towards making sure that the HR team carries out its work; the HRD manager has to train the staff. This requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise on the part of the HRD manager. This may require implementation of an appropriate learning management system (LMS). Or it could also be on-the-job training for some of the staff members. Either way, the HRD manager has to chalk up a training program and implement it, ensuring results all along. Failure on the part of any HR team member to carry out tasks allotted to them reflects poorly on the HRD manager.

Planning for the HR department

The HRD manager has to also make sure that the team he heads has a fair grasp of the long-term goals and directions of the organization. HR has to always go along with the organization’s pace of growth. The HRD manager has to ensure this. He has to have a clear picture of the organization’s growth path and has to lead his team towards it.




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