Pets in the workplace

America is home to about 65 million pet dogs, with many of them being objects of unbridled affection. Many Americans considers dogs or other pets a part of the family. This is one of the prime reasons for which there is debate and many laws about being allowed to bring pets into the workplace.

Being allowed to bring their pet into the workplace could be a need for many people who do not want to allow their pets to spend time alone at home when no one is around, just like they would not like to leave a baby home alone. So, many organizations permit employees to bring their pets from home into the workplace.

Not obligatory

First of all, bringing a pet into the workplace is a privilege, and not a right. Permitting an employee or more of them to bring pets into the workplace is not obligatory for the employer. The decision should have to be based on the comfort level of other employees in having a pet being amongst them during working hours.

What are the thumb rules?

Some rules need to be put in place when employees are permitted to bring pets into the workplace. The most important of these is the issue of how much other employees like to permit this. Not everyone needs to like a pet moving around the office. Some even have phobias for pet animals such as dogs, a condition known as cynophobia and ailurophobia, a fear of cats.  These have to be taken into consideration and respected.

Respect colleagues’ sentiments

Some other employees may not have a fear of animals, but may not like the idea of having one in their midst while working. To counter this, the management has to lay out clear rules about the place where the pets are located in the office. They need to be kept at a distance from employees, preferably on a long leash so that other employees do not get the creeps about them. The pet owners also need to have insurance done to cover bites or other injuries caused by pets at the workplace.

Ensure these…

Pets need to be kept clean and free of allergy-causing conditions. If there are employees who have a history of allergy to pets, they need to be informed. Sufficient care has to be taken by the owner of the pet to ensure that employees prone to allergies from pets are kept away from the pets at the workplace and are sufficiently inoculated.

Vaccination of the pets is another important factor. The owner has to make sure that these are done on time and properly with the help of expert veterinary care. If the pet causes damage to office furniture by purring or scratching, the owner has to pay up these costs. And very importantly, pets have to be disciplined to make sure they don’t bark when everyone is busy at work or excrete in the workplace. Despite all the care that pet owners take, it is best to avoid allowing them at places like eateries, healthcare units and places where their risk of injury or death is high.



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