HR needs to have good listening skills

HR, being the organization’s facilitator, needs to cultivate the art of listening because how they perceive many matters is very important for the organization’s health. Two perspectives need to be placed when it comes to the art of listening: one, most people associate good listening skills with only top management and generally tend to preclude HR from it. Two, listening skills are equated with hearing skills.

Listening is important for HR. Why?

If HR is only the facilitator for the organization, why is it necessary for them to have good listening skills? The answer lies in the fact that one of HR’s primary functions is to be the medium through which employees like to be heard. The primary approach to problem solving is in understanding the problem.

The most effective way of understanding a problem is through listening. HR can be a vital cog in the wheel because there are situations when employees feel comfortable in discussing their grievance or issues with HR rather than with the management. This is where HR’s role as a facilitator gets fulfilled. It can be the medium that can communicate between the management and employees. This may not be necessary on all occasions, and not all problems need to be routed through HR; but when a situation arises where the role of HR is called into play, it should be an effective and constructive mediator.

How is listening different from hearing?

Simply put, listening is hearing with attention. This is the crucial difference between hearing and listening. When HR masters the art of good listening, it can keep its ear open to the problems facing the organization. It can come up with effective solutions to many problems in the organization.



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