HR has a major role in employee retention

Talent is undoubtedly the lifeblood of an organization. Finding the right talent for taking the business forward is one challenge for HR; retaining it is another. No matter how good the talent at the workplace is; retaining good employees is a real guarantee of how far the organization can grow. This is where HR has a crucial role to play.

Sizing up

Assessing the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as well as skills, experience and qualification rightly is the perfect recipe for hiring an employee who is going to stay for the long haul. A thoroughly objective assessment is the foundation of getting a good employee. When the HR has understood the employee’s needs, it can communicate this to the management.

This is the first and most important step to hiring a long-term employee. HR’s assessment of the candidate should be completely free of bias and must have taken a complete view of the candidate vis-à-vis the requirement.  This is the biggest contribution HR can make to hiring employees who don’t leave every now and then.

Gauge the candidate well at the interview

One of the first steps to making sure an employee stays for longer tenures is to find out the reason for which she left or is keen on leaving her present job. At the interview, most candidates do not tell the full story, because the interviewing company is still new. But skilled interview techniques can bring out the truth. If the candidate is leaving because of company policy, HR has a clue to what to expect from the new recruit. If it can address the core reasons for the employee’s decision to leave the current employer; it will make the employee not only a stickler, but a loyal one, too.

The exit interview is an important source

The exit interview is another good avenue for finding out why employees are leaving. They need to be asked what is it that they disliked about the job that is making them taking this step. If the reason is unrelated to work, but is personal, that is an exception. But in most cases, employees leave because there is some expectation that is not met in the organization. HR has to find out what it is.

If it can get management to work towards fulfilling this, it has a good chance of keeping the employee.  If not, it could at least use the exit interview as a good guide for understanding a prospective employee’s expectations. Keeping good candidates involves having to meet their expectations. Many of these are within the HR’s and management’s ability and reach.



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