How does HR deal with perennial excuse givers?

This is the kind of employee any HR professional with even some experience would have come across: the perennial excuse giver!

It is generally true that the person who offers excuses thinks of it as a way to get away from work or avoid doing what is not to his liking. This is mainly because the employee who gives excuses sometimes has a way of avoiding work. If they can continuously make this happen, such employees’ thinking goes; they can lead a cushy life doing a sinecure job, while others shoulder the responsibilities.

Who are the ones who ride on others?

Unfortunately, in many concerns, there is a lot of nepotism and favoritism. Despite the emphasis on professionalism and quality, there are many organizations which are partial to some people, for some reason that is not easily fathomable to the rest of the organization.

There are others who think they are above the work they are doing, those with a deeply imbibed superiority complex. They should not be in the organization in the first place, but when they are, they think doing the work the organization expects from them is below them.

How does HR deal with such employees?

For HR, the employee with the superiority complex is easier to handle. It can show how giving excuses does not befit his high status (although it may be aware that this is purely imagined). Proving with examples the poor quality of work such people produce time and again should be the recipe for handling people with such presumptuous attitudes.

Dealing with the employee who takes advantage of being the boss’ blue-eyed boy is not very easy for HR. It has to be aware of the limitation their words or actions will have on such an employee, because it has to take up his case with management, which is in the first place responsible for making him what he is.

Making them understand

The best approach for HR will be to gently and softly remind such employees of the perils of long term excuse-giving. They need to be made to understand that they can survive only in some organizations that are favorable to them up to a point of time. Giving excuses is fine till a point of time in one’s career, but once a person makes a habit of it, he is not likely to be respected. Such an employee needs to be convinced that once he is forced out of the organization for some or another reason, such as when the company closes down, or he stops being the management’s favorite, he will find it extremely difficult to survive. This may take its time, but HR has to keep waiting for the opportune moments to have this drilled into the employee’s mindset.



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