Dealing with bad bosses

A bad boss can be one who is unreasonable in his expectations, can shout at you even after you have put in your best effort, doesn’t appreciate your good work, and can call you at the oddest times to get work completed, and be much more.

Yet, contrary to most people’s opinions, there is a silver lining behind having to work for a bad boss. How? Simple: even if forced upon us, all these qualities are necessary for us to get better and succeed. Let us examine how some of the traits of bad managers can actually help us shape our personality at work and influence our efficiency:

No appreciation? Don’t worry

When a bad boss refuses to appreciate your good work, over a period of time, you stop expecting it. How does this help? At any point of time in your career, long after you have stopped working for the bad boss, you will be used to the habit of working and giving in your best without expectation of a good word.

Yes, appreciation is a great tonic, but to do what is required without being in anticipation of it is almost spiritual in outlook. Do your best; if someone appreciates, well and good. If not, the value of the good work is not diluted. When you were used to the boss’ shouting for good work, isn’t lack of appreciation a much milder thing to live with!

Learn to live with pressure

Working under the pressure of strict deadlines is another ability a bad boss can impart unwittingly. Initially, it may upset us that someone is breathing down our necks to have us completed our work under severe pressure. Once we get used to completing tasks, it becomes part of our nature. Without the boss shouting at us, the habit of working within deadlines becomes ingrained into our system.

And yes, which job would offer us the cushiness of letting us get home at the ring of the bell? If you are used to working for a boss that expects you to stay up long hours, you have inculcated the habit of expecting the unexpected calls at the oddest times of the day.

Make the best out of a bad situation

Having a bad boss is certainly not the most pleasant of ideas. It can lead to conflict, shame, embarrassment, humiliation and what not. Yet, if one makes a habit of delivering in bad situations, the art of being tenacious has been as good as mastered!


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