A general workplace safety plan

The workplace, where most of us spend a good part of our lives, has to be a safe one. Its safety is not something that is to the subjective satisfaction of the owner, but one that has to be compliant with clearly defined safety rules. The federal agency charged with drafting and enforcing safety rules in the workplace is the OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. What does OSHA have to say about the workplace safety plan?

OSHA has myriad regulations about safety in the workplace. While there are different rules, codes and regulations for nearly all areas of the workplace; there is a common, general set of processes that all employers have to implement, and that is the general workplace safety plan.

What is the general workplace safety plan?

Different types of workplace require different safety plans. They vary according to the kind of workplace. For example, a carpenter’s factory may have a safety plan that is different from that of a foundry. But OSHA also has what it considers a general workplace safety plan. What this means is that irrespective of the kind of workplace the organization has and the number of people it hires; it has to implement a few safety rules that have to be part of the establishment. The plans specific to the organization are built in addition to these general rules.

Which are the general workplace safety plans?

OSHA prescribes a detailed general workplace safety plan that has the following elements:

  1. Analysis of the worksite, consisting of:
  • Safety and health surveys, with symbolization of how hazards are corrected;
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs);
  • Reports of hazards from employees, when they notice any;
  • Results of site safety and health inspection with note about how the correction was made;
  • Reports that investigate accidents that have taken place in the workplace, accompanied by a note on what was done to correct them;
  • Results of trended analyses.


  1. Prevention and control of hazard at the workplace: this is about the fines and penalties for failing to enforce safety rules, which could invite either of these
  • Issuance of oral warning;
  • Reprimanding in writing;
  • keeping the person off work for three days compulsorily, and
  • Dismissing the employee
  1. Information about the health conditions of employees working in that workplace, and
  2. Training to employees on all these aspects.




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