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Working for moody managers

Any employee would have come across a situation of having to work for a moody manager, or if he already has not, is sure to at some point of time in his or her career. So, who is a moody manager, and how does it feel to work with him?


As we all know, moody people are those whose moods are not always stable or predictable. Such people are not easy to get along with, because although they are not necessarily violent or nitpicky; they are prone to be erratic in their reactions to any given situation. Just when you think you are going to get a pat on the back for a job, you could find out that he could pick up what you thought was a negligible error. If you are lucky, you could escape a dressing down when you thought you had it. This hide-and-seek obviously cannot go on forever, and some method has to be devised to make sure that you know what to expect of him.

Study your boss well

Some people are moody no doubt; but it doesn’t mean that they do not have their likes and dislikes. Take your time and study that person well.  If you have noticed that a certain way of presenting a problem will not irritate him; you could start that way the next time you have to make a presentation. Of course, this does not mean that you have to be servile. Presenting yourself in a way that is not likely to trigger a reaction in your boss is not the same as being a toady. You can always get back to where you want the conversation to get after you have made the first impression.

Write down points

When you make points of a meeting, it is difficult for your moody boss to hold you accountable for not doing something he did not assign you. You will have direct proof of the work that was assigned to you, so that takes another reason off your boss to blow his top.

Allow the manager to cool off

Most people who are moody are not generally known to carry grudges. They get moody one moment and get normal the next. When your manager starts to blast off for some or another reason (or no reason, too), the ideal thing to do is to remain silent at that time. If you start reacting, the conversation will grow into becoming a futile argument and a total waste of time. Once the person blows his top off, he is bound to come back to normal. Just allow that to happen and start afresh. And on your part; don’t think of getting back at every moody outburst. In fact, moody people are a good thing to come across because they inadvertently help us sharpen our people skills!






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