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Want to be a global employee? Think of these facts.

Who doesn’t like the idea of being a globetrotter? Given the opportunity, it is always a great feeling to work in different places, meet up with different people from different cultures and outlooks, and all the more rewarding when the company is paying for all this!

Adds value to the resume, but…

Any person who has worked in different global locations is sure to have a weightier CV than one who has not. It adds value, since such an employee is perceived as a “people” person, meaning a team player. It is automatically assumed that more exposure means ability to work with and handle people. Most of it is true, but when it comes to the employee himself, there are some reality checks that need to be carried out when working globally.

Check out some important facts:

Working for a fixed time for a project in a foreign locale is a great idea, since the worry of having to find a job upon landing in foreign shores is never there. But consider what even such people have to undergo when they shift base:

Shift in culture: This should rank as the most important factor a person has to consider when relocating to another country. The world is a very diverse place. Cultures keep varying from one place to another dramatically. Within cultural spaces, there are sub-cultures, which are a lot more obvious in what are termed developing economies. For instance, for an American to shift base to India is like transitioning from chalk to cheese. The culture are so different that even if the work is fine, this could rate as a factor in either demotivating or motivating the person to higher performance, depending on how he takes the culture.

Keep an eye on costs: Costs in a foreign location vary according to the local currency. It is tempting for a person from a developing country to migrate to the West. But while such a person may earn in the local currency; the spending too is done in the local currency. Obviously, one does not stay in the US, earn in dollars and spend in rupees! One has to keep a watch over how much he spends and how much he saves over a period of time, for the stay to become profitable.

Work schedule: This is another important factor, because of the difference in the times between continents. Even while working for a high-paying, cushy job; working at odd hours may be part of the package. Many people have found this a factor strong enough to make them decide them to forsake the job.

Working in or relocating to a foreign location has its pros and cons. The person wanting to take the plunge has to weigh these before arriving at a decision.




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