The importance of work-life balance

The corporate world is rife with the expression, “work-life balance”. This concept has become necessary because more often than not; work becomes a major cause of stress for employees. Often, people work long hours neglecting the care they need to give to other equally important aspects of life, especially family.

Why is it needed?

Why is work-life balance important? It is simply because the two are intertwined with each other. There is no life without work, and there is no work without life. Also, it is increasingly being realized in the fast-paced world, especially in the west and in work-centered societies like Japan that work; while being a very important component of life, is not the only one. Nor is it the most important one, to many people. Many people force themselves so much into working for the monetary and other benefits it brings that they often end up becoming mental wrecks in pursuit of a goal that may eventually be a mirage. Hence, it is being realized that the way to go forward is to temper it, so that the employee remains sane and keeps a sense of balance.

Ways of doing it

Work-life balance can be achieved in many ways. Some employees may find that they will find a sense of balance if they are allowed the time reach office after leaving his or her child at school and picking it from school and leaving it back at home. This may require offering such an employee flexible working hours.

Some other employees may feel that the prospect of having to travel long hours to reach office may be too taxing on their resources, and may like to work from home, and this may be their ideal work-life balance scenario.

Yet others may feel the need for carrying out social service in the evenings or serving lunch at a community service center, for which they may like to be let off for an extra duration.  Thus, there is no single item that makes a person feel satisfied.

This is not to suggest that a person has a 50-50 balance of the two; it is just that more space is given to the aspects of life not related to work.

Not fixed

Another important fact to note about work-life balance is that it is not rigid and is likely to change as the employee’s age and other factors change. There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to this concept. The bottom line is that the balance should be achieved; meaning one of these should only aid the other and not hinder it.



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