The idea of social HR

With the advent of the social media, how can HR expect to be left behind? HR is one of the prime actors on the stage for every development that takes place in the workplace, be it technology-driven or not. Some experts in HR have gone on to coin the nomenclature “HR 2.0” to describe the proximity between HR and the social media.

For recruiting

So, in what all ways does HR make use of the social media to make the technology work for it? One of the most important works of the HR department is finding people. When hordes of resumes are available on the social media, why not take advantage? A specialized social media site LinkedIn, or even a general one like Facebook is the best resource for scouring unlimited resumes. Does this give the impression that job sites are pass? No. You can always scour the job sites for finding the people, but what about using the social media sites to follow up on them? For instance, how many recommendations has a candidate earned from his previous colleagues or managers on LinkedIn? Or, what does the candidate look like in his personal life, to find out which there is ample scope on Facebook?

Create a process on a social media site

You can create a platform for a number of HR-related discussions on a social media site and get people to participate. You can, for instance, initiate an HR policy discussion board on a social media site. It could attract visitors, helping you create more and more contacts. In the process, you make a mark too, personally on the social media site.

Upload job fairs or other events

Using a professional social media site like LinkedIn is a great way to make any of your planned job fairs or other events known to targeted audiences. Let us say you are looking out to announce a job fair. You could reach out to your intended market in no time by uploading the details of the event. You could do the same for other kinds of activities like promos, employee events, or just any other organization-related event such as a seminar or conference on sites such as this.



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