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Tap the creative power of introverts

An extroverts usually the cynosure of all eyes in an organization. In a herd, it is always easy for such a person to stand out. Somewhat like how a tall person gets noticed in a crowd; an extrovert gains attention more easily than the rest. So, what is the fate of an introvert, who is exactly the opposite in terms of outlook?

Style or substance?

While an extrovert is an out-going person who makes friends easily and dominates or domineers; an introvert normally finds it difficult to be seen. Does this mean that the introvert is someone who is unproductive or unreliable? Not at all, because external disposition is seldom a mirror of the person’s talents. Talent and creativity need not necessarily go hand in hand with gregariousness. It is never necessarily true that a vivacious person is ipso factoan efficient performer.

See through the dashing demeanor

Many organizations see the style aspect of a person’s personality and easily judge him, often wrongly. It is easy to jump the gun and come to conclusions about the person’s attitude. This is natural, because the extrovert, by his very nature, presents himself more easily and in more positive light. But HR professionals should look beyond the obvious. Often, extroverts show themselves up more to mask some of their shortcomings, something that only a seasoned HR professional can see through.

On the other hand, the introvert could be as good, or maybe even better at many aspects of work, but this quality could be camouflaged by his stoic exterior. It takes a while to uncover that. It is the HR’s work to help the organization locate the talent in the introvert. Once it has discovered it, it has to leave the person alone, because the best way of dealing with an introvert is to let him be that.

Leave him alone!

Psychologists point out that when left to themselves, introverts do best what they are good at. In fact, bunching them with others with whom it is not in their nature to get along, could be asking for trouble. This will put the introvert off easily, because he feels stifled and claustrophobic in the company of talkers. Extroverts are not comfortable when it comes to mixing with crowds. They are people who like to be left alone. It is only when they are creatively quarantined that they reflect and do their best work. The HR has to realize all this. If they do this, they give the organization its best result. It is up to them to harness the power of the introvert.




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