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Reducing employee turnover at the workplace

One of the important challenges an organization faces is that of staff that want to leave the organization. Some employees are habitual job hoppers, and it is very difficult to retain them. Some people even in senior positions have this urge, and no matter how important to the organization; it is better to let them go. Retaining those that are quitting for a specific reason is where attention has to be given to, because if the HR of the organization addresses their particular need or reservation, it is possible to retain them.

Consider what it means

When faced with the matter of retaining employees; the most important question HR should consider is the value of that person to the organization. In other words, it has to assess what that person’s departure will mean to the business. If a person who is steering the business makes up his mind to quit; it assumes a lot of significance. In such situations, it is not just the HR, but the board that has to take decisions. It is in dealing with other, junior or mid-level; yet important employees nevertheless, that HR has to consider ways of retaining the employee.

Retention is not just about money

Most organizations tend to think that in order to retain a good employee, all that is needed is a pay hike. This may be true in some cases, but never across the board. Many people quit an organization for personal reasons, such as not being given the job they wanted to do. In such cases, it is important to talk to that employee and determine the cause of resignation. When the employee feels better when given a better project to work on, arrangements must be made to put that person where she wants to work.

Some people may also quit because they may not like the politics in their team. This too, requires only shifting that person from that team. In this way, it has to get down to the specifics of the decision and try to remove the root cause.

Important points

No matter for what reasons employees quit; HR should remember two important aspects. They must understand that it is very, very important to talk to the person who wants to quit. Even if the candidate is not willing to open up; some techniques have to be adapted to make sure that the candidate speaks his or her mind out.

Secondly, it also has to judge whether a candidate resigned to have a genuine grievance redressed or to be heard or to make a point, or to just blackmail. This is very important, because some employees feel they can keep bringing the organization on its knees every time they quit. Such people have to be dealt with firmly.



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