Our environment and the workplace

For quite a few years till very recently; we had all taken the damage we were doing to the environment for granted. We got our computers from silicon, so what? This may have been our thinking till now. But with the recent advances, so to speak, of the awareness of the environment and the damaging effect of our lifestyles on biodiversity; there seems to be some kind of heightened awareness for organizations to comply with environmental standards.

What and where is the link?

First, let us try to understand what we mean by maintaining good environment at the workplace. We certainly are not talking about the cordiality of relationships between colleagues here! By drawing a link between environment and management in office; we are referring to the direct correlation between the materials used in office and the extent to which they have been derived from nature. This is some kind of benchmark about how much we have taken from nature in order to come out with products that we use without a care in the world.

Lack of a standard

But then, do standards exist for the environment? We could have standards for something like the amount or quality of paint we use for our automobiles. But how does one measure the level of environmental degradation we in office are causing in forests in distant continents? How do organizations make sure they don’t need to feel guilty of pillaging Mother Nature?

Small drops of water…

There are no easy answers, but there are some pointers. For instance, we could use bio-degradable materials for office. We could use eco-friendly furniture at the workplace. Or we could use certified recyclable material for many items we use at office.

And then, there is also the concrete measurement in the form of carbon footprints. By measuring our emission standards and making sure we have stayed within the permissible limit; we can contribute in some way to ensuring that our workplace is not wreaking havoc on the environment.

Long way off

Having said this; we have to understand that we have reached such a precarious stage of environmental damage that it is not easy to reverse the ill-effects of environmental degradation overnight. What we have been virtually destroying in the name of modernization for over two centuries cannot be undone by just following a few labels.

Only when all partners team up

Yet, the effort has to be there from all sides, meaning all organizations. Since we all contributed, either indirectly or directly to harming the environment; we should all make a joint effort to limit further damage. These are some of the steps we could take in order to make the world a safer place for posterity. If we continue with our reckless onslaught; we are sure to reach a point of no return soon.

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