Look out for these blemishes in a resume

As a hiring manager, you would have come across hundreds, even thousands of resumes. The resume is that introductory part of the interaction between the employer and the prospective employee. Since it is a biopic of the candidate; a hiring manager would have to use that to judge the candidate that she is going to hire. This is often the most important introduction, because you get to see iteven before you have met the candidate. It helps you get a good idea about the resource you will be hiring.

Look for a good cover letter

A cover letter is a brief summary of the candidate’s suitability for the position applied for. It is not expected to be a blow-by-blow account of “I was born on this date, was educated at such a college, have worked here and there”. It is completely unnecessary in the cover letter. The cover letter should be a good way to help you assess how the candidate is the one you are looking for. It should be brief and precise. It should just tell what is it that the candidate has that makes him suited for the position, and not ramble on.

Look for these holes in the resume

A resume is expected to be decent. All that you would want as a hiring manager in a resume is exact and true information that is logically and neatly structured. Who would want to find about aspects of a candidate’s personality that are not of any use to the position? Many aspiring candidates, especially the greenhorns, like to add a lot of flab into their resume, thinking that it is going to add value to their candidature, while in reality; it could have the exact opposite effect. Why would you be interested in knowing if the candidate is a good guitarist on the weekends, when you are expecting him to only how to handle customers over the phone?

Look for pithy resumes

A good resume is one that describes the candidate’s career and achievements in a short and quick manner. Why would you want highly decorous words in the resume? Who would want to see a documentary-like log of the candidate’s achievements, most of which have no relevance to what is being sought of him? Look for one that has a brief but effective mention of the person’s career and accomplishments.

See the presentation part of the resume

Presentation is very important, because even if a candidate is a go-getter with a great track record in his career, it is likely that you would get put off by silly errors like typos, grammatical errors and glossy and very gaudily used fonts. Remember that the resume is the starting point, and it should be appealing and presentable. It should make you, the hiring manager, reach out to that person.



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