How important is technology to HR?

We at HR are usually bound by processes, rules and procedures. Our task is largely administrative and rarely developmental. In this scenario, since we are essentially concerned about making sure procedures and protocols are followed; does it make sense to use technology for our work?

This is a slightly dichotomous question, because on the one hand; we have technology seeping into every aspect of our professional and personal lives. On the other, we are in a profession which is not technology-driven. Our job is vastly different from that of say, a software developer, who should be thinking of technology day in and day out.

Never say no to technology!

Agreed, HR is not technology-centric. But think of this –if we could have apps that make our processes simpler; what is the point in shunning them, just because we are averse to using technology? Let us say we have to process leave records, one of our major areas of work. In the olden days, we had to do it manually, moving heaven and earth for simple documents such as this.

Now, we simply don’t have to carry out this function manually. A software application could easily do that for us, in real time. There are a vast number of other applications that help us carry out several of our routine works. The only reservation to using them could be our mindset. If we don’t move with the times and adapt to the latest, we will remain forever backward. It is as simple and natural as that! We need to understand that technology is here to facilitate, and not impede any work. Let us be clear about this much: If technology can eliminate many of our mundane tasks; isn’t that a great thing to have, since we will be able to concentrate on the bigger aspects of work, like strategic planning?

Knowledge helps in other ways, too

On a parallel track, there is another area in which knowledge of the latest technology and its market trends is very useful, and that is in technical recruiting. An HR professional who brings a background of technology can be an inestimable asset; since he helps recruit the best suited technical staff. When the right people man an organization’s technology front; it is but natural that it moves forward.

Adapt, or remain where you are!

Whether we want to adapt technology or remain where we were decades back is a decision we ourselves have to take. If we are stuck with routines and formalities; we are the losers. And with us, we take the organization along.

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