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How do you explain gaps in your resume?

No resume is perfect. This is a truth that is well-known to HR. If one resume has a problem with suitability for the job; another may have a candidate with less than required qualification. One of the chinks in a resume is when there is a period of employment gap. This is when it becomes difficult for a candidate to having to explain it.

Discuss as the situation is

There is no point in putting up “fillers” in your resume by saying that you “helped my brother set up his business” or “helped your father construct our house”. These are the silliest excuses that no one is going to buy. If you helped your brother set up a business and it is doing fine, then why are you looking for a job instead of running the business you helped set up? Why would your father need you to cut short your career to build a house?

There is no substitute for honesty while explaining gaps in your career, especially if you have been a senior. Just explain what made you leave a particular job and leave it to them to take a call on it. You are more likely to succeed at the new job if you are open than if you are trying to bullshit. Sooner or later, if you are found out, imagine the embarrassment of it.

Explain your position

Just explain to them your take on why you left a job. It could be because of many reasons other than being fired. You could have found out a few months into a job that it was not what you were looking for. Or it could have been that the company did not pay you as much as it promised. A bad boss is also a strong reason for people to quit jobs. Some managers would have pushed and frustrated employees so hard that they would have resigned even without having an offer on hand. HR certainly realizes that all these things just happen. Ask them to check with any of your other colleagues in that organization.If it is confirmed that an individual was indeed responsible for causing many people to quit; they will understand that the problem was that person and not you.

Give them assurance that you have overcome deficiencies

Even if you were fired, explain the reason for it and put things in perspective, instead of trying to cover it up with flimsy excuses. You could explain why you thought your actions led to termination. It is important to state that you have addressed the underlying cause of the earlier termination.

Being honest will not only improve your chances of succeeding; it will raise your profile in the eyes of the new organization.




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