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Allow candidates to ask questions at the interview

Many HR professionals who take interviews make the mistake of assuming that it is only they who have to ask questions. They are right up to a point, because that is why it is called an interview. But who said that the interview has to be a one-way street? Asking questions is not the HR’s monopoly. Remember one fact: If the candidate asks questions, it shows her interest in the job. Questions from the candidate are a great indicator of not only the interest level; but also of the kind of person she is.

What kind of questions?

Any HR professional who has conducted a full-fledged, thorough final interview would conclude by asking if the candidate has any questions. This is, first of all, basic courtesy. From now on, when the candidate takes over, the nature of questions asked gives the best idea of the person who will become part of the organization. There are candidates who ask questions such as when the first pay hike is going to be. Such candidates don’t count for much. It shows that their prime interest is pay. It is human and legitimate to ask a question such as this, because we all work to earn. But questions like this are a very important indicator of what to expect from the candidate.

Organization-related queries are good

A good candidate is one who wants to be part of the organization with the aim of growing with it. Such a candidate will think of ways by which to contribute to the organization. Queries about where she fits into the organization establish that she already considers herself a part of the organization. Acculturation is never going to be difficult for such candidates.

Another pertinent question is about the competition. If the candidate wants to know how the competition is doing, then that is another pointer to the interest level. Anyone who wants to understand the competition is likely to have the ken for analyzing the market well.

Yet another question that would show the candidate in good light is the inclination to learn about the organization’s culture. Such people are likely to make an instant connect with the organization.

Instead, if the candidate is only interested in issues such as the pay structure, working hours, paid holidays, employee stock options and such other benefits, you could be looking at someone who is self-centered.



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