Workplace diversity is a fact of life

When we take pride in the fact of America being one of the world’s most diverse societies, a ‘nation of nations’, isn’t it natural that the workplace, which mirrors our country should be diverse, too?

What is a diverse workplace?The Human Resources & Equal Opportunity Office describes diversity at the workplace thus:

“Diversity refers to human qualities that are different from our own and those of groups to which we belong; but that are manifested in other individuals and groups. Dimensions of diversity include but are not limited to: age, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, educational background, geographic location, income, marital status, military experience, parental status, religious beliefs, work experience, and job classification.”


It is natural and simple that the more a person’s exposure to diverse cultures, the greater will be her understanding of human nature. A person who has greater interaction with people of other cultures is less likely to harbor prejudices and stereotypes. The more we interact with other people; the lesser will be our social isolation.

How does it impact the workplace?

Having diversity at the workplace is to represent a sample of the true America –the boiling pot of cultures. In which other workplace in the world are we likely to come across a Ukrainian and a Thai or a Honduran and a Bangladeshi working together towards a common organizational goal? Our thoughts and attitudes about career and work are vastly molded by our cultural upbringing. By interacting with people of different races and colors, we can imbibe the best out of each employee’s unique characteristics, which are a result of their upbringing. When HR facilitates this interaction and makes it fun to do this, the result can be tremendously increased productivity at the workplace.


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