Workaholics – boon or bane to the organization?

A workaholic is often termed as an employer’s asset and a family’s headache. This of course, is true of those who have a family. When a person who is married, has a family and is a workaholic, there are going to be problems for the family because it hardly gets to see him, and for the workaholic too, because of the conflict the family and work ties create by pulling him in opposite directions.

Great for the employer, but…

One big advantage of having a workaholic at the workplace is that there is no better employee than one who works and works and does little else. Sounds great, but here is the catch: Such employees have to be given work all the time, every time. Work is the only reason for which they come to office, and they have few other interests in life. This can be quite a challenge for some companies. Also, some workaholics are also perfectionists. These two qualities don’t make a very good combo, because such an employee demands work from other employees, too. It is not likely for an organization to have dozens of workaholics all the time!

Handling them is important

When workaholics are not given enough work and the work they want to do, they can be quite difficult to handle, because they will not have the outlet for their ability to work. It is important for HR to devise ways by which it can keep such an employee engaged, but also isolated to the extent possible. So, it is not just enough if an organization has a workaholic; it is important to manage them.

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