Ways of dealing with confrontation

Confrontation is a fact we all have to live with. In most organizations, not every day may be a day of confrontation, but it is not something we can do away with, or wish away. If one confrontation is resolved, there is a next one waiting in the queue.

Why do confrontations happen?

The most obvious reason for confrontations is disagreement over major issues. Whether it is over policy or adaption of technology or just about anything else; confrontation happens mainly because what was conveyed was either not done so properly, or the other side did not perceive it properly. Most of us have limited attention spans; so, when major points are discussed, it is possible that we did not capture fully what was communicated.

Ways to resolve

Since we have zeroed in on the most important reason for confrontation; it is good to take stock of what was communicated. This should be done openly and honestly, and any misperception can be corrected during one meaningful session. This is what is called thrashing out of differences. This is the first step to resolving confrontation. While undoubtedly a potent force; both parties have to approach the session with an open mind without a feeling of vendetta or retribution.

Mediation may be necessary some time

Despite all efforts to resolve confrontation, some issues may be so serious that their resolution may call for mediation. Depending on the situation and the nature of confrontation, the mediation has to come from either the HR department or from a third person in the organization, preferably a senior. This will go a long way in helping resolve confrontations at the workplace.

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