Veterans are great for an organization!

One of the big surprises in the employment arena is why there are so few veterans out there in the workplace. Why are some companies reluctant to offer them jobs? If there is no job for a veteran at an organization, that is one thing. But when businesses don’t take them despite their suitability, then that is a little sad, for the organization, that is.

Why? Because veterans bring with them loads of all the qualities any decent employer would look for in an employee: A high sense of accountability,responsibility,discipline, experience, knowledge of how to prioritize work, patriotism, and of course, sagacity.

Huge savings

Getting veterans to work for an organization brings other benefits too –the Federal government takes care of the relocation costs. And, let’s admit it –they are not as expensive as regular folks at work, because we don’t need to spend a fortune to train them. They are a great way to fill the lacuna in the job market at reasonably low cost. On their part, they too, get a sense of accomplishment, being able to make use of the skills they honed during their service.

No need to discipline!

Have you noticed that they also carry with them yet another important saving to the organization? Have you ever seen a veteran being disciplined by an organization? Although it appears trivial; disciplining goes beyond just an admonition. It is all about letting fully grown adults understand a few things which may go against the grain of their deep-rooted attitudes, and hence costs a lot to the organization. This is another saving veterans bring. So, go ahead! Look out for veterans. You have a lot to gain.


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