Trying to change people – is it worth the effort?

For many managers and other staff, sometimes, a big challenge is about changing people around them. Some of the questions on their mind could include: Why should I not change that colleague of mine? Shouldn’t that other person really change? What is the level of change I can bring about in others in my organization? How much effort should be put into it?

People don’t change

Most people who try to change others are wasting their time. This may sound too preachy, but let us accept it. People don’t join organizations to undergo a change in their personality or outlook. Each of us is unique and comes with a certain personality. It is a result of years of upbringing and circumstance, and exposure and association. To expect someone to change all that just because the manager wants a certain kind of people is expecting the unattainable.

How much can people change?

Yes, when some employees’ behavior and attitude are way out of the organization’s culture, they need to be tuned to suit the organization. Nothing more; nothing less. This is about the only change an organization can bring about in an employee, realistically speaking. Trying to entirely change a person to mold her into the organization’s thinking is foolhardy, to put politely.

Why expect?

People who expect others to change are usually under some kind of illusion that their thinking and attitude are the best. They also tend to think that they are doing the other employee a favor by bringing about a change in her outlook. Both these premises are flawed. If I am superior, it should reflect in my work and not in my demeanor. About the only favor I can do to the organization, if one could call that so, is to bring about a positive change in a negative, deviant employee’s attitude to work and the organization. Hoping to do anything beyond that is to expect a miracle to happen every day in our lives.



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