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To what extent can HR control employee turnover?

You’d think that for an organization that wants to do better (how many wouldn’t want to?); employee turnover should be one of the most feared phrases with HR and management. This is so because no organization likes to lose people.Aren’t its people an organization’s greatest resource? How much role does HR have in preventing employee turnover?

Some need to be sent out

But wait a minute. There is an exception. What do you do with a bad employee who hangs around and HR is powerless to do something about it? Some employees stick to an organization because the management has no way of throwing them out. You can only wait for the time she or he leaves, and throw a party in jubilation when such an employee finally quits.

When good employees leave

This is really tragic for the organization. When an exceptionally good employee wants to leave, HR and management can try their best to retain her. But if her mind is really made up and she is not going to stay back, HR can only wave a reluctant goodbye.

Those who leave after serving a purpose

This is the third type of turnover. There are instances when a really good employee wants to leave after a specific career objective is realized. They may be in the organization for a point of timeto hone his or her expertise, after which the organization may not have anything of significance for them. Here too, HR may not be in a position to keep an employee who knows exactly what she wants and wants to move on.

Other type

The final type of turnover is one that presents HR its biggest challenge. It is one in which a honcho would have been hired to steer a company out of the woods. For such a person, the motivation for acceptance of the job would be the kick that he gets in lifting it out of the disaster and putting it on the road to recovery. So, once he oversees the business continuity program, how much willingness would be there in continuing with the organization? Such high-octane people are fueled by challenges, and the moment they fulfill one, they like to move on to the next. It is in retaining such employees beyond their purpose that HR has a challenge. It has to discuss with management about taking steps for keeping such a highflyer.


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