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Tips for improved HR communication

Communication is one of the prime functions of the HR in an organization. HR’s communication is important because in conveying from the management to the employees; it is a vital link about company direction, policies and other matters.

Some tips on effective HR communication

The most important element of HR communication has to be knowledge of the audience. HR has to know and decide for whom a communication is meant. If it is meant for the senior management, its tone should be appropriately mature. If the communication is meant for junior staff, it should also be worded to suit them. Another important aspect HR has to consider is the gravity of the message. A serious message about an important organizational decision or company policy should not be worded informally. Likewise, sounding as if the skies would fall if employees fail to wear formal shoes is clearly out of sync.

Be clear about who is in the loop      

This is one area that has enormous potential for goof ups, leading to severe embarrassment at times. Before pressing the “Send” button, make sure that the mail is being sent to exactly the people who are part of the matter being discussed and that the mail is of significance to them. Sometimes, confidential matters need to be sent, and sending such a mail to just one unintended recipient can cause lots of problems.

Indicate whether you need reply

This is something like the rsvp of an invitation. When you send out a mail, make sure to indicate what you are expecting from it: a response, call for action or none. This will save recipients time, as they don’t need to type out replies when they are not needed.




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