Terminating problem employees

One of the many tasks that we in HR have to perform is serving out a termination letter. On many occasions, serving this out is unpleasant. On others, we have to do it against our personal wishes, because the employee who is being served this may be going out for no fault of hers. However, it is when serving termination notice to a problem employee that we have to be on our guard.

Terminating an employee because the company doesn’t need her skill anymore although there is nothing wrong with the employee per se is something. Having to do that because the employee is fine in terms of work, but is being axed because of attitude is a little piquant.

Build up a case

Such problem employees are likely to be unconvinced about any explanation about their attitude. They are simply convinced that they are right in what they doing or feeling about the organization. So, building up a legally sustainable case becomes crucial. HR has to keep looking for loopholes in such an employee’s work. It may not be able to find it overnight or anytime soon. But it has to hover around a problem employee like a vulture, so to speak.

Look out for chances

Once it has found a good enough case, it has to make sure that this act of malfeasance fits into the company policy of a wrong act. In most such cases, the employee is usually good in terms of work. It is one wrong act that should do him, and this is what HR should look out for. This has to be done properly, because rapping him for the wrong reasons is likely to result in damages and compensation.


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