Should HR help employees with extra talents?

“Life and work balance” should be one of the most oft-repeated phrases in our area of work. HR is meant to enforce a good balance between the two. We can do this in a number of ways, and one of them is to help an employee pursue a special talent. Of course, the premise is that this talent is not related to work. So, why should it matter to HR, and why should it help an employee pursue this?

Work-life balance is meant fostering a sense of well being in employees that is a result of satisfaction they derive at work and in their personal lives. There are various ways in which personal well being can be accomplished, and pursuing one’s creative talents is one of them.

Why do such people work?

Having a special ability is something that is given by nature. Many people have special abilities that may not fetch them direct monetary rewards to the extent that they can take up its pursuit as the sole aim of life. Many people are not born with that kind of luxury. So, they would take up jobs that help them make a living. Many people pursue their talents outside working hours.

Why should HR help?

Why HR should help such people is simple. There is a sense of give and take in this. Any creative person is happy when the sense of accomplishment and recognition is achieved in his or her life. By enabling such a person to attain these, HR is actually doing itself and the organization a favor. By allowing such employees to pursue their talents, they are making sure that the employee values the working relationship with the organization.

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