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Meetings should be short and sweet

“Short and sweet” is a phrase that perhaps best fits the description for a meeting. It is important to make sure that not a moment is wasted. The way to go about is to not only start the meeting at the scheduled time, but to also get to the point straightaway, making sure that as little time as possible is wasted.

Let them know why they have come

Another plan would be to announce the agenda prior to the meeting, which ensures that everyone is aware of what is being taken up, and no one goes about wasting time. The ideal way to start a meeting would be: “Ok, ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome you all to this meeting of managers. I intend to discuss the following items today: …”

Call only those that matter

Another tendency is to call all and sundry for a meeting. This is a big mistake. Make sure to call only those of your colleagues without whose presence the meeting is not going to be effective.

Follow up

This is an often overlooked aspect of meetings. Make sure everyone has understood the content of the meeting by sending out a minutes of the meeting mail. Once this is done, follow up at the stipulated time that whatever work the meeting decided needed to be done is done. This puts work on track, and gives meaning to the meetings, which would otherwise end up being a big waste of time and resources.



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