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Lifestyle changes should become part of wellness programs

Most of us in HR like to pride ourselves about the fact that we have a good wellness program in our organization. Yes, this is important to the point of becoming almost indispensable to the employee’s health, which in turn translates to organizational health. But have we given thought to what has gone and what needs to go into our wellness programs?

Incorporate lifestyle changes

One of the primary missing links in an organization’s wellness program is initiation of lifestyle changes in the employee. Most Americans today suffer from diseases that are a direct result of poor lifestyles and bad habits. Take hypertension for instance. It is known that active lifestyle, lessening of consumption of tobacco and liquor and healthy dietary habits are the root causes of prevention of this “silent killer”. Hypertension is just one of the many diseases that can be attributed to lifestyle. There are many others that can be prevented by advising employees to follow a healthy lifestyle.

What is HR’s role?

It is always important to take expert opinion on what works best for your organization. A lifestyle expert should be able to suggest the right changes. Some of the primary aspects of lifestyle changes include programs that help an employee cut down on tobacco and liquor, incorporating a healthy exercise schedule that includes health-promoting and stress-busting exercises like yoga, cycling, swimming and so on. Of course, the expert will chart out a plan, but we in HR can make the management understand the importance of such a program and prevail upon management to incorporate it. And yes, we can also make another important contribution by following up on the program.


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