Inter – LOB communication is important

Many organizations have different lines of business (LOBs). In several organizations, it is common practice to have many employees belonging to these different LOBs working under one roof. When this happens, there is generally very less interaction between colleagues belonging to different LOBs. This is because most of them do not have much in common. How would a product business division of a company gel with employees in say, consulting?

Branches of the same tree

How much should such colleagues interact with each other? What is the point of interaction, and is there any gain in doing so?

Yes, if one considers that despite belonging to different LOBs, all employees work for the same organization. Since they work under the same roof, it is always helpful to communicate with each other. The possibility of working together may not arise in the kind of setup we have just looked at, but it is just that all employees, irrespective of the LOB they work for; have to see each other daily.

Common identity

Outside of work, there is a lot that binds these employees together. Even if they are working for different LOBs, they are all bound by the same company policy. So, any HR policy on leaves or pay or any other is common to all. This is why communication is important between employees working for different LOBs of the same organization.

Great source of help

An important element of such communication is that it fosters efficiency. This is how: When an employee of a particular LOB has a problem relating to her work, she can go to a colleague from another LOB. The help she gets from such colleagues is always the most useful and most objective, since it is generally given from a third-person perspective without any bias or pressure. A colleague from another LOB can see the problem in the most disinterested manner. This is one the most effective way of approaching an issue. It helps to resolve issues more quickly.

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