Improving the onboarding process and training to retain employees better

One of the constant worries for an organization is in retaining people. Undoubtedly, all organizations know that it is people that make them what they are. This being the case, and also considering that it costs thousands of dollars to make one good hire; it is in the organization’s own best interests to hire people that stay with it.

But here is the catch: A recent study has shown that after having spent thousands on each employee, the organization finds that many leave within a year of joining. And mind you; organizations in the same study admitted that for the full productivity potential of the new recruits to be realized, it takes a year.

So, how does HR ensure that it ends this situation where it is consistently spending a lot only to get nothing out of the hire?

Interview should be grounded in reality

The problem starts with onboarding, which starts with the interview. At some onboarding processes; HR overestimates the potential of a candidate to do things for the organization. It may have overlooked a few factors while attaching more than the required importance to less important ones. So, the onboarding process should be consistent with the assessment made at the interview, which should one of practicality and reality.

Effective training is a must

The next important aspect is training. The training is important because it is the tool that orients the employee towards the job and actually puts him on track to what is expected of him. This is a great means to ensuring that the potential anemployee brings, sometimes enormous, for which he was hired in the first place, is not deviated on things that are not so important for the organization. This helps the organization get the best out of the employee, and the employee in turn, gets a sense of focus on the job. This is thus a double benefit and one of the main factors for preventing reduced productivity from the employee.



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