HR should foster inter-departmental communication

In any organization, the common link for all departments is the HR department. In framing policy and regulations and deciding on a lot of issues such as working hours, dress code and other related ones; HR is the organization’s enabler. Having worked as a common point of contact, should HR also facilitate interaction between different departments?

HR has a role

By all accounts, yes. HR should carry this out as one of its roles. This is because although various departments seem to be unconnected to each other; they are actually parts of the machinery that keeps the organization in good condition. Each department has it unique and usually well-defined role to perform. Yet, an organization is all about coordination. Being a unique department doesn’t mean being standalone, because marketing cannot function without finance, and top management cannot carry out their work without the assistance of subordinates.

Part of a whole

Rather than consider each department as independent of each other; it is more appropriate to say that each is a part of the whole, with its own set of functions. Getting them together and making them work as part of a machinery is the way to ensure that processes and businesses run smoothly. The departments are like parts of the digestive system. What would happen if the stomach stopped coordinating with the liver? Or if the kidneys fail to communicate with the intestines?

Disarray will be the name of the game

The same havoc would be caused if the different departments fail to coordinate with each other. If each starts behaving independently and isolated from others, the result would be utter chaos. Rather than concentrate on the business, the management will have to expend its energies on firefighting. This will leave them no time to look ahead for the business. Enabling communication between the departments or carrying it out itself is one of the primary tasks for the HR department.

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