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HR should be proactive at workforce well ness

Wellness is, well, a very important component of the workplace. This is simply because we have outgrown the industrial times. Or, so we think. Actually, in many aspects, we are still yet to come out of the industrial, factory mold of thinking.

Many organizations do not realize the importance of wellness programs. They tend to mistake them for employee pay benefits! Many organizations also think that wellness is all about having the right light and chair and desk at work. These are only a small part of wellness, which goes beyond all these.

So, what is a wellness program?

A wellness program is any program that an organization undertakes to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of its employees. Note the emphasized words. This means that wellbeing is holistic. How does HR ensure that a wellness program includes all that is covered here, and how does it make sure employees are benefiting from it?

Depends on the employee’s needs

HR ensures a proper wellness program by being part of the employee’s psyche. There are some that need of emotional support, for instance, a sick partner who needs a lot personal attention. This kind of employee needs to be given permission to work from home.

Tailor it…

Another kind of employee may derive spiritual solace by practicing yoga or attending a few discourses. Such employees need to be given the opportunity to pursue these activities. For HR, it is important to realize that the more fulfilling an employee’s emotional and spiritual aspect of life is; the more productive such an employee will be. This is what a wellness program, tailored to each employee’s unique needs, should seek to achieve.


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