HR has to be clear in its communication

Many of us in HR tend to think that company policy of any importance is set out by the management, and we are like the State’s bureaucracy, meant only to enforce. Although true to an extent, there is a lot we can do to spell out policy to employees. We need to do this, because the footnote in any policy is: “For any further clarifications/queries in this regard, get in touch with the HR department”!

So, let us face it. It is to us that employees come when they have clarifications, and we are obliged to answer them, and convincingly at that. So, what all can we do to ensure that the policy has gone down properly with the employees for whom it is meant?

First, understand thoroughly

This is where communication from HR really matters. We have to first get the complete details of the policy and then know how it applies to employees. We should get a through, first hand understanding of the details of the company policy in all its bare essentials. It is only when we are clear that we can communicate, right? So, even at the cost of irritating management with our queries, let us get a complete list of the possible queries we are likely to face from employees.

Then, communicate well

Let us first understand how the policy applies to every grade of employee, and possibly every employee. After this, let us communicate, in the clearest and most unambiguous possible manner, the policy to employees. Our skill lies in not just communicating, but communicating well. We should be ready for questions, and that is something from which there is no escaping. Let us deal with each employee with patience and tact. After all, a company policy is meant for all and affects all. So, let us communicate it to the best possible extent, so that everyone understands what the policy is about and how it impacts them.

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