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HR and dress code

HR has the job of framing many policies at the workplace. Setting out the office dress code is one of them. There is a lot of debate on the pros and cons of having a workplace dress code and HR’s role in it. Many employees who feel a policy on dress code is against their wishes conveniently blame HR for it!

What is HR’s role?

Truth is, HR normally has a very small role to play when it comes to drafting a policy on dress code. The management decides on it, and if it feels like doing so, will consult HR. Nothing more, nothing less. And as usual, HR is called upon to do all the dirty and unpleasant things that management wants it to. It is the face that stands between employees and management that any disappointed employee can spit on!

So, the rule in most organizations is simple: We will frame the dress code, and HR will implement it. If you have any problem, get in touch with HR.

Why a dress code?

Obviously, when we work at a workplace, we belong to that organization. What we wear has to reflect the culture and values of the organization. It is something like how footballers and tennis players follow a certain dress code. A dress code is present for almost every professional. Or else, how do we recognize a doctor in a hospital? Of course, the workplace is a little different. Since in a non-factory environment, we cannot have a uniform for employees, the closest that we can think of is an office dress code.

Respect is to be expected

The dress code is not an unpleasant burden. It is only a visible extension of the organization’s identity. So, when the management thinks it is necessary to have a dress code, why not follow it? And chastise us in HR along the way?

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