HR and corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the many social behaviors expected from corporate entities.CSR is about organizations contributing towards social issues like environment. This is not to be confused with corporate philanthropy, which is different. While CSR is about meeting environmental norms and the like; philanthropy is keeping aside a part of profits for larger social causes such as fighting illnesses, opening educational centers, working for eradication of child labor and so on.

HR has a major role

HR has a big role in fostering corporate responsibility. It is actually the agency through which an organization can embark upon CSR programs. As a facilitator, HR could first chalk up plans for how to go about CSR. It can decide on a program. It could fix a day of a month every year, for example, for planting saplings in the vicinity of the office premises. This could entail having to get the help of local civic authorities. Or, it could decide on a blood donation camp from its employees. For this, HR has to make the necessary arrangements. As the sole part of the organization dedicated to issues such as this, HR can bring about a major shift in employee attitude towards CSR.

Other major functions

HR has a lot more to do with regards to CSR. It can make fixed working hours compulsory for staff, which could prevent increased consumption of energy in the office. Also, it could send circulars about switching lights off after meetings, making sure that auto-turn off taps are fixed in rest rooms to prevent loss of water, suggesting steps for optimal use of energy for laptops and the like. More than anything else, through effective communication, HR can instill a sense of social responsibility among employees and embed it into their psyche. Obviously, the biggest payoff of such an action is that employees will carry out these activities outside of their office, too!



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