HR and change management

We have heard a lot about change being the only constant, whether at work or at life.We don’t have to scour any dictionary to understand what change is.  The meaning and definition are self-explanatory.

Why is it feared?

When does change happen? Both in life and at work, it can happen absolutely any time, with or without notice. It is just that some changes are expected, and some are not. Some changes are positive and some others are not so. The foremost reason people fear change is that it can cause tumult in some people’s lives and careers. If an organizational change results in a job loss, then it is certainly something that is not highly desirable.

HR’s role in helping understand change

How does HR help employees deal with change at the workplace? Being the organization’s facilitator; HR can play a major role in an organization that is set to bring about major changes. First of all, it has to understand the nature, extent and gravity of change for it to be able to absorb change first within itself and then to help the organization manage it. Of course, during small changes such as change in office location, there is not much to do. It is during major changes that HR has a role.

Communicate, please!

The most important thing HR can do in times of major change is to communicate. It has to make employees feel comfortable with change. When employees are made aware of the nature and impact of the change in a positive and honest manner, they are likely to absorb the shock better.

The most important purpose of a positive communication from HR in times of change is that it prepares employees for it. HR could become important catalysts in making employees understand what change means to them. They could come round to the realization that there is no point in avoiding something that is inevitable. They could realize that the best way to face a situation is to face it!
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