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How much should personal like or dislike matter during appraisals?

We at HR end up facing several piquant situations in our day to day life at work. One of these is when we are told to offer our appraisal to an employee. It is one of HR’s jobs; so what is the big deal, you may ask. An appraisal is fine with an employee that is professional and whose personal traits do not come in the way of the appraisal. The problem is when HR is required to give an appraisal for an employee who could be considered a kind of “problem child” for HR.

Accept that people have diverse outlooks

What is the typical kind of problem employee? This definition is not always clear. This employee could range from a raucous, tantrum-throwing employee to a recluse to a complete disciplinarian to a nitpicker. Employees of such nature are quite common in any organization. So, since HR is aware that the five fingers of the hand are completely unlike each other, there should be no problem in judging them only for their work.

Dealing HR’s trouble monger

It is the employee that has a habit of creating problems for HR that is more difficult to deal with. There are a few employees who think it is some kind of personal vendetta that they have with HR and that they have a personal score to settle with us! These employees are not rare. They like to challenge HR for anything and everything, from company policy about lunch to working hours to the dress code. When such an employee’s appraisal comes up before it, how does HR deal with it?

Judge for what is being sought

The solution is simple, although it does irk our egos a bit. Yes; such employees may be HR’s nemesis. But shouldn’t we be professional? So what if they have a problem with our department’s working? It is their work and work alone for which appraisal has to be given, unless otherwise stated. Even if otherwise stated, let us get it right. Is their interaction and relationship with HR a criterion? If yes, give them poor marks, but only in this area, if other aspects of their work are fine. So, you have it: Leave your personal likes and dislikes aside at the time of appraisal. Judge purely on merit!
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